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Since January 2023, the South2South Network has shifted to a locally-ped structure rather than being lead and facilitate by ChildHope UK. This has been an exciting development led by elected leader Michael Reuben Ntibikema, a network member and also Executive Director and Co-Founder of Elimu Mwangaza in Tanzania. Michael has been able to take over the facilitation of the monthly Community of Practice (COP) meetings making these COP owned and run by the network members themselves without ChildHope UK. Michael has again been elected at the leader of the network for 2024 and has also embarked on expanding the network to include all ChildHope UK partners.

This will not only strengthen the South2South Network itself so it can promote more and diverse consultants but also bring new experience to the COP monthly meetings. The current membership of 7 will shift to 14 organisations with 19 consultants by February 2024. As ChildHope UK closes its doors at the end of 2023 we are delighted that the South2South Network, originally set up by ChildHope UK and funded by Comic Relief, will live on and is indeed expanding and gaining strength. We wish the South2South Network every success as they achieve full independence and champion not only safeguarding, but also the need for high experienced, local consultants who can truly support the development and implementation of locally contextualised safeguarding solutions.

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